Designing for Apratima Studio

Designing for Apratima Studio

Welcome. If you are reading this, you are curious about my process for designing and illustrating. First, I would tell you that I certainly rely on cloud storage because I am drawing with an iPad. This makes it easy to pull up art on my desktop computer quickly after it's been saved. I use a Google Drive for my storage, but I also have DropBox, OneDrive, iCloud and Creative Cloud. 

On my iPad, I use Procreate. It's pretty much a standard and isn't very expensive at $10.00. I buy additional brushes from DesignCuts. I've invested considerably in brushes that fit my style.

The first part of my process is inspiration.  For that you can do the following things:

  • Visit the mall
  • Look at other illustrators work
  • Use social media to get ideas
  • Stay positive
  • Check out Hallmark Cards

There are probably more than that but it's a good start. I have learned to train my mind to think laterally and poetically about what I see. Laterally means to see how things relate to other things in a way that isn't always obvious. To think poetically is to bring an artful and humanistic perspective to what you draw.

When I start drawing, I don't always have a subject in mind. I look around and then start in and let myself be surprised by what happens. I take chances, knowing that I can undo...which is an important freedom. Nobody cares about my ability to redraw... only what the final result is.

In Procreate, you use layers, as you do in Photoshop. I start with a lineart layer. I draw using a brush called "Syrup" that has nice tapered ends. As for the subject, I have found that if you are drawing some figure, it matters where you start. So, think about that when you begin. There's no right or wrong way to start, but it often affects the outcome.

Using an iPad with the Apple Pencil, you can very easily rotate the iPad on your lap to get the right angle for each stroke you put down. You should take advantage of that feature.

Brushes are not just for drawing, but also for painting,  coloring, applying textures and halftones. It's good to spend time experimenting with a variety of brushes.

After the design or illustration is done, you can close the illustration. It is saved on the iPad as a .procreate file. I often save the image I want to render as .png, because I can remove the background. This is important for my use because I want to be able to place images on t-shirts and other backgrounds without a white background. So, my last step is to export the file to my  Google drive as a .procreate and a .png.

I hope some part of that was helpful or interesting.

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