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We want you to find something that expresses that weird mood you feel at times. You're not going to find these in any store at the mall, or anywhere online, for that matter. We think you'll find something that strikes you on a personal level.

New Featured Collections

Women's Collection

This collection is specifically designed to celebrate womenhood. 


Enjoy Space-themed products that are guaranteed to be out-of-this-world. 

  • Theme: Ants

    Ants are everywhere!! What's more, they don't really complain much for all the good they do. Celebrate them with these fine products.

    Ant Collection 
  • Picture of shirt with space ship orbiting a large planet

    Theme: Space

    Here, you'll find an interesting collection of space-related products that you didn't even know you had to have.

    Space Collection 
  • Infant t-shirt featuring little girl and lamb.


    For the young human in your life, find something spectacular that no other child is wearing. Even wee folk need style!

    Babies & Toddlers 
  • Bikini with high-waisted bikini and leaf pattern.

    Intimates & Beachwear

    Look good at the beach and boudoir. We've got stuff you'll not find off the rack at Target. I guarantee! Check it out!

    Intimates & Beachwear 
  • Mug with image of praying mantis.


    Hey, it's 6:00 am somewhere! If you need your cup 'o Joe or Cocoa, you'll need these fine products to pour them into. Don't drink directly from the pot for goodness sakes!

    Mug Collection 
  • Three young women wearing t-shirts featuring working women.

    Women's Collection

    Girl Power never looked so good. Celebrate your womanhood with these unique fashions, only available here.

    Women's Collection 
  • Pillow with yellow/black zebra stripes

    Home Decor: Pillows, table cloths, etc.

    Your home deserves your best. Welcome guests and friends with these attractive pieces designed at Apratima Studio.

    Home Decor 
  • Hoodies, Sweatshirts & T-Shirts

    You probably look good, but you could look great with these fabulous styles. Even now, you can't look away. Check 'em out!

    Hoodies, Sweatshirts & T-Shirts 
  • Printed Items

    Express yourself... with original Apratima products with just a hint of whimsy. This level of wit usually comes at a premium, but we're so funny and have passed the savings on to you.

    Printed Items: Cards, notebooks, etc.